Bringing Ourselves to Christ

[This is an excerpt from a talk that I gave a few weeks ago in my local congregation]   The fourth mission of the church In the April 1982 general conference, President Kimball outlined the mission of the Church in a way that was familiar to me throughout my upbringing. “[T]he mission of the church,” he wrote, “is threefold: First, to p [...]

Why I take Communion

Every Sunday, all over the world, Latter-day Saints gather to participate in a brief ritual during which scripted prayers are rehearsed and bread and water is distributed in a symbolic representation of the Last Supper. We refer to that act as “the sacrament,” a term I’ve replaced in my own heart with the word “commun [...]

Free Will vs. Free Won’t

Benjamin Libet famously developed a neuroscientific way to test the concept of free will. He claimed to have found a way to measure the time between when a person consciously decides to perform some action and when the somatic processes in their body begin to carry out the action. The wild thing is, that number is negative. The body begins a [...]

Can We Talk?

A few weeks ago I taught a Relief Society lesson on Priesthood Keys and Authority, and I thought I did a bang-up job. I approached the topic with some trepidation–in fact, 6 weeks of it. And considerable preparation too, as much or more than I’ve ever done. For one thing, I was struggling to come up with a compelling reason the R [...]

The Ruthless Furnace of the World

This past Sunday, we had a lesson on the Temple as a “Symbol of our Membership.” As I was reflecting on what that might mean, and as the comments from the members of my local elders’ quorum started to accumulate, something wasn’t sitting right with me. I raised my hand and out spilled … something – something half-baked and more tinged with e [...]

Revealing the Light

I’m guessing that if you asked most Mormons what the purpose of life was, you’d get a lot of variations on these 2 simple ideas: To get a body. To be tried and tested. I remember being taught that this life isn’t about proving anything to God.  He already knows what kingdom we belong in.  It’s about proving it to ou [...]

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