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Fresh Courage Take

I’ve had to do a lot of hard and scary things in the past few years. And I’ve had to discover where the source of my strength and courage lies. I’ve learned to stand strong, but also to lean on others when I can’t do it alone. It sounds a little silly, but one of the things that has helped me through the hardest days [...]

A Stronger Foundation

One of the things I love about poetry and music is that they continue to reveal new truths and beauty as we move through life. In fact, we never encounter the same poem or song twice. Every time we read it or sing it or play it, we bring with us all of the life experiences we’ve had since the last encounter. That changes the poem or mu [...]

Covenants: Part VI

Covenants:  Part VI
“and are willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light; Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort,”  Mosiah 18:8-9 I learned these words as a young Mormon. As an adult UU, I learned what they meant.  It’s been over a year now since I signed the membership book [...]

Revealing the Light

I’m guessing that if you asked most Mormons what the purpose of life was, you’d get a lot of variations on these 2 simple ideas: To get a body. To be tried and tested. I remember being taught that this life isn’t about proving anything to God.  He already knows what kingdom we belong in.  It’s about proving it to ou [...]

Calling Out Beauty

Tulips are my favorite flowers, but for too many of the last several years, I’ve been too busy or preoccupied to stop and really look at them. I found myself almost in mourning when I could no longer catch that glimpse of them from my car. Two and a half weeks ago, knowing that I had two major events coming up and a million stressors t [...]

The Beauty in Unfulfilled Expectation...

Minnesota sunrises can inspire awe, especially on days that are destined to be cloudy and gray. The sun on the clouds can be breath-taking. Needing a good dose of awe and wonder,  one morning I decided to take a break from my work to watch the birth of a new day. But this sunrise was different. I’ve watched hundreds or maybe even thous [...]

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