Exploring Sainthood is a podcast and blog project that seeks to explore the beauty, richness and complexity of Mormon thought and experience. Our purpose and mission is to model individualized pathways of belief, religious practice, and relationship with God that are meaningful for all Latter-day Saints. By doing so, we hope to assist in creating an inclusive space within Mormon culture where all can worship God “how, where, or what they may.”


  1. Bob Rees's Gravatar Bob Rees
    September 4, 2014    

    What happened to Exploring Sainthood? Where are all of the previous blogs and podcasts? What’s going on?

    • Heidi Currie's Gravatar Heidi Currie
      September 9, 2014    

      Hi Bob, we had a few issues with our server and have had to put everything back on the blog. We hope to be wrapping up the whole process very soon!

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