002: Steven Peck on Evolution, Climate Change and Mormonism – Part 1

Could be the one.  MEBPlease enjoy this amazing discussion between Sarah Collett, co-host Jay Griffith and BYU biology professor Steven L. Peck. Steven is an evolutionary biologist, ecologist, and an active, faithful Latter-Day Saint. In this two-part installment we hear Steven’s intense love of science and religion and how this influences his perspectives on faith, Mormonism, and the natural world.

In Part 1, Steven shares his thoughts on human evolution and how the Church’s approach to this and other sciences has adapted to new discoveries. In Part 2, we examine how dogmatic materialism can be just as close-minded as religious fundamentalism, as well as how the reality of climate change/global warming and the Mormon view of stewardship and a weeping Earth should motivate Latter-Day Saints to be the world’s best environmentalists.

Please continue this discussion in the comments here as well as our Exploring Sainthood Facebook Community, and please add Steven Peck’s wonderful book’s to your Mormon library:

The Scholar of Moab

A Short Stay in Hell

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