Thou Shalt Not Murmur

I believe that murmuring is a sin, and one that most of us probably need to examine in our own lives. But I need to make it clear from the very beginning, that this post is not about never calling attention to problems.  This post is not about simply accepting in silence everything that comes your direction, right or wrong. Let’s begin [...]

Some Thoughts on the Parable of Lehi&...

In a Relief Society lesson some months back, we were discussing the importance of scripture study. We talked about the necessity of reading and re-reading our scriptures because doing so would bring us closer to God, bring the Spirit into our lives, and give us blessings. It occurred to me, as I sat in that temperature-controlled room full o [...]

Faulty Wiring.

We’ve spent the past year remodeling our house. It was 30 years old, and we bought it because it had good bones but we knew there’d be work to do. After a year or so of living in it, we could see we definitely wanted to put down roots but were going to need a bit more space and some new bathrooms in order to really get comfortable. So we dre [...]

An Ex-Mormon’s Trip to the Temple

I toured the new Provo City Center Temple last night as part of an invitation-only event for local, non-LDS clergy.  (I am currently in the pastorate for the Salt Lake City congregation of Community of Christ, which is similar to being a counselor in an LDS bishopric.)  It felt strange to be invited to the temple on the basis of my being an [...]

Covenants: Part V

I know. You thought I was done with the series on covenants. I did too. But remember the line from Martin Buber about us being “promise-making, promise-keeping, promise-breaking, and promise-renewing” creatures? That whole renewing part means that we keep coming back. We come back to the covenant itself and the relationship that it creates. [...]

A Wonderful Life

My favorite Christmas film has long been It’s a Wonderful Life. The story of small-town boy George Bailey, it’s a film about the true success in life of having friends. George grows up, caring about others, helping them through their problems and tough times, sacrificing his dreams to care for the family and community. Then through a mistake [...]

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