One True Gym

Suppose you belong to a gym. You’ve belonged to this gym for a very long time. Maybe it’s the only gym you’ve ever belonged to. You love this gym, and yes, you’ve done some great toning and muscle-building as a dedicated member. But lately, you’ve started to realize that a lot of the equipment is messed up, brok [...]

Once We Were Slaves

  “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know you are a part of a tree.”                                                ~ Michael Crichton Two weeks ago I had one of those days when life juxtaposes two experiences in such a way that you’d have to be Wile [...]

Book of Mormon Authors Unknown

Editor’s Note: This is the seventeenth in a series of posts on Book of Mormon stylometry. For other entries in this series, see the links below. << First     <Previous     Next> Summary Open-set nearest shrunken centroid methods show that the Book of Mormon was not written by any of the proposed 19th century authors– [...]

Shielding Ourselves

shield |SHēld| 1 a broad piece of metal or another suitable material, held by straps or a handle attached on one side, used as a protection against blows 2 a person or thing providing protection protect (someone or something) from a danger, risk, or unpleasant experience   I don’t like the war chapters in the Book of Mormon. I don’t car [...]

Loving God with Your Mind

Loving God with one’s mind is not a foreign concept to Mormonism (see Moroni 10:32; Mark 12:30; Matt. 22:37; Luke 10:27; D&C 59:5), but often loving God through our intellect is downplayed or even at times discouraged. We read 2 Nephi 9:28, but forget to keep reading on to verse 29. We so often pair wisdom and learning with false te [...]

Clues and Keys

You make me, they say. I can’t know, but I feel. I feel true. If I listen to them (and I do), I feel 23% undone, 47% love 11% manipulated. I crave 100%. They say: “This, This, This.” But often, I feel That. I hear a different tune, my tune. Is it you? me? them? I come from 100%, but 1%, 8%, 7%, went into storage. I shrank. Or maybe I grew bi [...]

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