Inside the Hugbox

  Two of my sons have sensory integration disorder. As they’ve gotten older, they’ve learned to cope. Thankfully, they are learning to navigate the world even if they do it with their own unique methods. When they were younger, we tried various techniques to help them calm down when they had adverse reactions to excess senso [...]

Thoughts on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something that can be incredibly simple or incredibly complex. When I was a child, it meant saying “it’s okay” after someone apologized for doing something that made you unhappy. Now that I’m an adult, it means something different. I don’t think it’s ever “okay” when someone hurts you; forgiveness, at its core, means holding t [...]

After All We Can Do

  I was a little surprised last month when I listened to two unrelated podcasts back to back that both happened to deal with 2 Nephi 25:23, and then a little more surprised when President Uchtdorf, in his Sunday morning Easter sermon, turned his attention to the same passage. Most will be familiar with this verse, but the exact wording [...]

Joseph’s Personal Style?

Editor’s Note: This is the eleventh in a series of posts on Book of Mormon stylometry. For other entries in this series, see the links below. << First     <Previous     Next> Preface We have previously examined one paper by David Holmes [link] that purportedly demonstrated that Joseph Smith used one stylometric voice when w [...]

Covenants Part II–A Process of ...

  I ended the last post about covenants with too many questions. I think this will be a topic that I return to again and again as I try to figure out what covenants mean to me and how to approach them in my life. Because I had a huge epiphany about my own feelings regarding the connection between covenants and relationships, I’m g [...]

An Un-testimony: The God I don’...

  Popular pastor Rob Bell once said “Often times when I meet atheists and we talk about the god they don’t believe in, we quickly discover that I don’t believe in that god, either.” I feel ya, Rob. I often encounter people who describe a god I barely recognize and wholeheartedly reject. Sometimes it happens in co [...]

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