What I Wish I’d Said Instead

What I Wish I’d Said Instead
For those of us who have experienced a faith transition or have had a radical expansion in our knowledge about the history of Mormonism and its development, it can be easy to get so caught up in our newly acquired knowledge that we forget how abrasive and painful those first exposures to Mormonism’s “warts ” were for us. I& [...]

Blind Faith in Authority?

I recently read an essay by David Foster Wallace—Authority and American Usage—that I loved and has got me thinking about the meaning of authority, its use, and how it gets established. Wallace spends much of the essay recounting what he calls the Usage Wars. To perhaps over-simplify things, grammarians can generally be divided into two camps [...]

Calling Out Beauty

Tulips are my favorite flowers, but for too many of the last several years, I’ve been too busy or preoccupied to stop and really look at them. I found myself almost in mourning when I could no longer catch that glimpse of them from my car. Two and a half weeks ago, knowing that I had two major events coming up and a million stressors t [...]

Abandoning Sainthood with Billy Joel

  The Sinners are much more fun. There. I said it. I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the Saints.  Given the drinking and feasting He did with them, I’m betting Jesus felt the same. I never realized how prophetic Billy Joel was until I was sitting in the living room guffawing with my family to an old comedy and [...]

The Beauty in Unfulfilled Expectation...

Minnesota sunrises can inspire awe, especially on days that are destined to be cloudy and gray. The sun on the clouds can be breath-taking. Needing a good dose of awe and wonder,  one morning I decided to take a break from my work to watch the birth of a new day. But this sunrise was different. I’ve watched hundreds or maybe even thous [...]

East of Eden – Marriage and Fai...

East of Eden – Marriage and Faith Crisis
We always refer to Eve’s partaking of the fruit as a sin or, to soften the blow, a transgression. It was not just a violation of God’s commands but the violation. It set the whole plan into motion. But maybe, just maybe, that’s a stage 3 reading of the text. Maybe Eve was plunged into faith crisis. There in the garden of he [...]

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