The Excommunication of Those Who Love...

by Michael Vinson   Most readers of the Bible consider the fall of Lucifer to be due to rebellion, but in the Qur’an the excommunication of Iblis (Lucifer or Satan in our Christian tradition) from God’s presence can be read two ways. Most conservative commentators see Iblis’ excommunication as an imposed consequence of his rebellion, bu [...]

047: Observations and Reflections of ...

Phil McLemore is a former Institute of Religion Director, a retired Air Force chaplain, and a retired hospice chaplain. He started using yogic meditation as a method to control pain after a car accident left him with a back injury. Phil has been interviewed several times on different LDS-themed podcasts (some of which are linked below) so I [...]

Church History: A Journey (Not a Dest...

Church historty tour
A couple of years ago this July, I took a trip with my family to visit Church history sites across the country, from Utah to New York and back. We planned it carefully, before my oldest daughter left home for college and when my youngest would be old enough to appreciate it. It also happened that I was experiencing a transition in my faith a [...]

Kate Kelly: Where is the Apostasy?

by Cory Hurrle   Kate Kelly, the founder of Ordain Women, is being called in by her former bishop for a Church disciplinary hearing “on the grounds of apostasy.” I believe that Kate is not guilty of apostasy. There are two cases that can reasonably be made for these charges. The first is that Kate has turned away from the Gospel: https: [...]

I Am a Gay Supporter, Despite Abuse

Father’s Day is approaching. Father’s Day is always hard for me. Always has been. I feel scared, and confused, and inadequate. I grew up with an emotionally abusive father. It took me a long time to realize that. Not until I was in college, talking to an on-campus therapist about the incredible fears I was having about possibly getting into [...]

On Blessing a Baby: How a Private Fam...

by Deja Earley   I knew when I married a Catholic what I was signing up for: when it came time to bless our babies, someone else would have to do it. But once our daughter had actually arrived, I felt frantic and sad about it. How could she be given a name and a blessing without either of her parents involved? I was glad to have my fath [...]

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