This is another in the apparently never-ending series of blog posts about the words and concepts of religion that I never really understood, and how much my perceptions are changing. Again, I had to step out of my Mormon box and look at this from several different angles to find my new appreciation for this word. And again, it was my experie [...]


Growing up in the church, I was often taught that The Book of Mormon was a book for our time, a book for our day. I used to think, “Well, how can it be a book for our day if, in the book, the church falls apart and the righteous fail?” Because I was also taught the words of modern-day prophets, which assured that the true church had been res [...]

The God of the Old Testament

Earlier this month, Fiona Givens visited our stake and gave a fireside in which she essentially discussed how she makes sense of Mormonism and the beauty that she finds in our theology. I think the project that she and her husband, Terryl Givens, have taken on–i.e. developing a construal of Mormonism that is both progressive and faithf [...]

The Urantia Book and The Book of Morm...

Editor’s Note: This is the twenty-first in a series of posts on Book of Mormon stylometry. For other entries in this series, see the links below. << First     <Previous     Next> The very last stylometric comparison I know how to make without doing some studies myself is with this fascinating book of 20th-century scripture [...]

063: Ezra Taft Benson Manual—Lesson 1...

063: Ezra Taft Benson Manual—Lesson 19
Sheri, Jon, and Brian discuss chapter nineteen of the Ezra Taft Benson Teachings of Presidents of the Church lesson manual, entitled “Leadership.” This episode is presented in conjunction with the Teachings of Presidents of the Church podcast, to whom we give our thanks.  Once you’ve listened to the podcast, don’t forget to share your though [...]

Mormon Enough

Over the last few years bloggers, podcasters, activists, and personalities have been excommunicated from the church for a variety of reasons. It’s been discussed and speculated about, lamented and rejoiced, depending on whose gums are doing the flapping but it’s all left me feeling fairly uncertain of my place within the church. [...]

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