In Search of our Sunday Best

I was talking to my sister the other day and she mentioned something about how we used to play games on the balcony in our slips. I’d forgotten that. Hadn’t thought about it in probably 40 years. What she was referring to is the fact that, on warm Sunday afternoons, we used to go out on the balcony of our house to play wearing nothing but li [...]

Sidney Rigdon Wrote the Federalist Pa...

Editor’s Note: This is the sixteenth in a series of posts on Book of Mormon stylometry. For other entries in this series, see the links below. << First     <Previous     Next> Summary When the closed-set proposed 19th-century Book of Mormon authors are used to determine authorship of the Federalist Papers, Sidney Rigdon is [...]

Truth, Math, and Apple Pie

I think a lot about Truth and truth. The capital T kind doesn’t change regardless of  our perspectives or what we think about it. Some people might describe the other kind of truth as relative truth, a different viewpoint that creates a truth that might be true for one person but not another. And I thought that maybe we could use basic [...]

Limping Away from Peniel

Genesis 32 tells of a strange midnight encounter. Jacob, the supplanter, who stole his brother’s blessing and fled his father’s house in fear for his life is returning home. He has gathered his wives, children, servants, and a host of speckled cattle and traversed the wilderness to reunite with his brother, Esau. In the middle of [...]

Becoming Zions

  I’ve heard many members describe Zion as a place where the pure in heart dwell. They’re probably referring to Moses 7:18. And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there were no poor among them. In most contexts, this is how Zion is discussed—a community, a group [...]

All the Everything We Cannot See

The judgments we make about people aren’t worth the split seconds we take to formulate them. The yardstick against which our lifetimes will be measured is an incomprehensible algorithm, a scale weighted with so much complexity there’s no way we could possibly understand or rank the performance of another living soul. We see outsi [...]

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